The Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cacao was founded in October 1991, sice then it has brought together the main private companies in the sector (producers, exporters, and industrialists). Our work is basically orientes to the diffusion and promotion of the Peruvian coffee activity in the world.

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January-March 2022
Export Quantity

60 Kg, Green coffee Bags

Exported value
USD 313,270.7

Thousands of dollars, Green coffee

Import Quantity

Tons, instant coffee

Import Value
USD 2,897.7

Thousands of dollars, instant coffee

Production Quantity

Pergamino coffee tonne (yearly, 2020)

New York Stock Exchange
USD 225.6 (April)



"Hablemos de Café" Newsletter - April 2022

"Hablemos de Café" monthly Newsletter - April 2022. Download the file to read and review the broadcasts of "Hablemos de Café" for the month of April, 2022. Find out about the topics and presentations, as well as the guests who accompanied us.

Peruvian Coffee

Information that you must to know about the characteristics, types, history and productive areas in Peru.

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January-March 2022
Export Quantity


Export Value
USD 27,798.4

Thousands of dollars

Production Quantity

Tonne (anual 2020)

New York Stock Exchange
USD 2,455.3 (April)



23rd National Convention of Coffee and Cocoa

Access all the presentations that were presented during the 23rd National Coffee and Cocoa Convention, in 2021: Production and sustainability of cocoa, The international coffee market, International promotion: the case of coffee, Institutionality and governance of chains in Peru, Climate change and Agroforestry, Science and Technology, Domestic coffee consumption, Success stories: the new chocolate brands

Peruvian Cocoa

Information that you must to know about the characteristics, types, history and productive areas in Peru.

November 15, 2021 | Coffee

24 Coffee and Cocoa National Convention

May 26 and 27, and June 16 - Face-to-face: June 30 and July 1


Análysis of samples

Evaluate the moisture and defects of your sample. Know the acidity, aroma and body of you coffee.

ICOS Issuance

To complete your certificate of origin you can request the ICO number and mark with us.



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