The Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cacao was founded in October 1991, sice then it has brought together the main private companies in the sector (producers, exporters, and industrialists). Our work is basically orientes to the diffusion and promotion of the Peruvian coffee activity in the world.

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Coffee 2.0. Climatically intelligent

Presents the proposal of climate-smart agriculture, in order to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of coffee and sustainable development policies.

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January-October 2020
Export Quantity

60 Kg, Green coffee Bags

Exported value
USD 475,624.6

Thousands of dollars, Green coffee

Import Quantity

Tons, instant coffee

Import Value
USD 30,997.1

Thousands of dollars, instant coffee

Production Quantity

Pergamino coffee tonne (yearly, 2019)

New York Stock Exchange
USD 113.21 (November)



Guide to the Cacao Sensory Analysis Tasting Form

This document aims to support your understanding and interpretation of the form, and walks you through the steps to evaluate each of the attributes found in a sample. We have also provided references to engage the taster's sensorial memory.

Peruvian Coffee

Information that you must to know about the characteristics, types, history and productive areas in Peru.

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January-October 2020
Export Quantity


Export Value
USD 113,913.7

Thousands of dollars

Production Quantity

Tonne (anual 2019)

New York Stock Exchange
USD 2,358.18 (November)



Guide: Cultivation of organic cocoa

A pedagogical tool focused on educational institutions of the secondary level, that want to orient this curricular area to the cultivation of cocoa in Amazonian contexts.

Peruvian Cocoa

Information that you must to know about the characteristics, types, history and productive areas in Peru.

April 26, 2019 | Coffee

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The Peruvian Chamber of Coffee and Cocoa celebrated 27 years of institutional history. We are pleased to have been actors and witnesses of the growth process of both chains; the production and consumption of both products has increased exponentially in these years, placing the country in an expectant position, not only in volumes, but also in quality and recognition for its attributes.

22 Coffee and Cocoa National Convention

May 30 - 31, 2019


Análysis of samples

Evaluate the moisture and defects of your sample. Know the acidity, aroma and body of you coffee.

ICOS Issuance

To complete your certificate of origin you can request the ICO number and mark with us.



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