In this section you will find recent studies and publications related to the cocoa sector.


Cocoa sensory evaluation tools

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To ensure comparability of results, it is essential to have a common vocabulary and a set of tools that guide the sensory evaluation process and its recording. These tools play a crucial role in providing valuable information about the sensory attributes of a product.


23rd National Convention of Coffee and Cocoa

National Convention of Coffee and Cocoa

Access all the presentations that were presented during the 23rd National Coffee and Cocoa Convention, in 2021: Production and sustainability of cocoa, The international coffee market, International promotion: the case of coffee, Institutionality and governance of chains in Peru, Climate change and Agroforestry, Science and Technology, Domestic coffee consumption, Success stories: the new chocolate brands


Cocoa Bean Roasting Technology

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There is no right or wrong level of roast, and there is no right or wrong way to get to your target level of roast. The correct way to roast and the right level of roast is the process that provides nibs in an efficient and cost-effective way with the chosen flavor profile and generates products that meet the needs of the consumer in a specific market.


Guide to the Cacao Sensory Analysis Tasting Form

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This document aims to support your understanding and interpretation of the form, and walks you through the steps to evaluate each of the attributes found in a sample. We have also provided references to engage the taster's sensorial memory.

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Guide: Cultivation of organic cocoa


A pedagogical tool focused on educational institutions of the secondary level, that want to orient this curricular area to the cultivation of cocoa in Amazonian contexts.


Catalog of cocoa clones


It makes available genetic, agronomic, morpho-physiological and molecular information that the Genetic Improvement Program of CATIE and its collaborators have generated for the six selected clones.


Country strategies for the offer of special cocoas

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It provides inputs to the chain of special cocoas in the region, through a comparative analysis of the advances that have been presented in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic in terms of production and marketing.


Quarterly cocoa statistics bulletin


It provides provisional estimates, based on exports and / or imports reported by member countries and non-members of the ICCO and other official sources of the countries concerned.


Study of cocoa in Peru and the World

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It has information on market trends, evolution of production and trade, the situation of supply and demand of cocoa, nationally and internationally.