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September 09, 2020 | Coffee

Brazil: drought punishes crops in Minas Gerais; the weather forecast does not bring good news

According to Procafé, in the year ending in August, it rained less than half the average for the period. The frame should continue until around the change of month

The drought in the south of Minas Gerais puts the 2020/2021 coffee harvest at risk, according to the Procafé Foundation. Agronomist and researcher Alysson Fagundes says that, on average, the region receives 300 millimeters between January and August, but this year it rained only half of that. “It is common to see that many flower buds lose moisture and dry out, and no longer return to turgor. Without a doubt, we will have major problems, ”he says.

According to Somar Meteorologia, some areas in southern Minas Gerais have not registered rain for almost 50 days and face the worst water deficit since 2014. In Alta Mogiana, in São Paulo, the situation is even worse: certain crops have not seen rain in 100 days, the worst case since 2017.

Unfortunately, for the next few days, the news is not encouraging for the coffee plantations. The climate must remain dry and with high temperatures, due to an atmospheric blockage that keeps the rains in southern Brazil.

These regions are expected to register rains again around September 25, when it should rain 40 to 50 millimeters. “But the rain is not here to stay and it will be poorly distributed. In October, we will have a new big window of dry weather between the 5th and the 20th, ”says meteorologist Desirée Brandt, from Somar. In total, by the end of October, southern Minas Gerais is expected to register 154 mm of rain and Alta Mogiana, 174 mm.


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